9:26 AM

This is something that you must do when you are in a rut. This is something you must do when you feel like there is a hand in your face and it is pressing you to be six feet down under.

Do not just stand or allow that hand to successfully push you to your grave. No. Never! Give some good old fight.


You see there is a lot of difference if you do this. First there is a break to the shackles that binds you. There is also that feeling that you are going over the problem or failure – a better action instead of facing it on the same level. 

When you BOUNCE you grab life by its neck. When you BOUNCE you use your energy – this makes the difference.

So BOUNCE every time you encounter difficulties and failures.

Better yet be like a parkour expert, bounce with flair. If you do this people will call you a Master! Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they might even call you a HERO. 

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