Why I Am in Favor of the MRT, LRT Fare Hike

11:39 PM

MRT Fare Hike | LRT Fare Hike

Yes to Fare Hike if Funds will Be Used Properly

The announcement that the fares of MRT and LRT will increase as high as P60.00, a 300% increase to its original P15.00 elicited a lot of negative reactions.

I respect and understand the reactions however I agree with the reasoning that the MRT and LRTs are being subsidized by the whole country which should not be the case. Provinces outside Metro Manila need funds to develop and it will be best to share some of the subsidy that will be slash to the MRT and LRTs to these provinces.

If we take the long term view, the development of the provinces will decongest Metro Manila. Developed and progressive provinces will distribute wealth and jobs among all our countrymen. I would rather shoulder the increase if in the near future there will be positive effects in the rural areas.

I am born in Manila, a true blooded Manileno but I cannot be too barriotic in thinking that my city or region should be the only city that must benefit from the help of the government (of course I am exaggerating this line of argument, I know provinces have budget allotment, even if it is paltry).

However, my only requirement is that there must be a concrete and physical proof of the diverted budget. 
Otherwise, it will be a case of another lost opportunity and lost benefit to the detriment of the country and the people.

Also, discounts should be given to students and senior citizens two sectors that need speed and comfort in their daily transportation.

Lastly, I believe that we have one of the lowest fares in Asia. See the MRT or MTR as they call it in Singapore, Hongkong and Japan – we can see that the fares there are high and ours too cheap to compare.

This stand is unpopular but it is what is right therefore it must be implemented. We cannot ignore the long term benefits and the reality that MRT and LRT's are business units of the government that must profit. Profit that can be use to maintain, upgrade and see it operational in a lot of years to come.

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