Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is something that you must do when you are in a rut. This is something you must do when you feel like there is a hand in your face and it is pressing you to be six feet down under.

Do not just stand or allow that hand to successfully push you to your grave. No. Never! Give some good old fight.


You see there is a lot of difference if you do this. First there is a break to the shackles that binds you. There is also that feeling that you are going over the problem or failure – a better action instead of facing it on the same level. 

When you BOUNCE you grab life by its neck. When you BOUNCE you use your energy – this makes the difference.

So BOUNCE every time you encounter difficulties and failures.

Better yet be like a parkour expert, bounce with flair. If you do this people will call you a Master! Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they might even call you a HERO. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Love as I Know it

I know love. But it seems I do not know love. She is like a woman that I may not be able to figure out. It seems that what once was a puzzle that I tried solving becomes a labyrinth that gets bigger and
complicated. The more I tried to find the way out the more I am lost inside.

I know love. I tried to love you. But may always fall short of the love you are expecting.

Still, I will continue to make sure that your coffee is served during the morning, whether I am the one who makes it or I ordered others to make it. I will make sure that I always buy your favourite perfume Elizabeth Arden, during Christmas. Although, last December you told me not to buy every year since that last one you are using is half full. The possibility of overstocking of such an expensive perfume might happen.

I will always take into account to monitor your Body Shop Strawberry moisturizer – every day I see you are enjoying it. I too enjoy it, your smell transport me to Baguio, like I was driving under the shades of the pine trees, enjoying the view of the verdant mountains and the glistening cliff. While the cool breeze of the wind gently embrace me. It is too hard to concentrate while you are holding the steering wheel in this psychedelic atmosphere. But I manage to drive may way on top of Baguio.   

I will always attempt to buy you jewelleries and shirts, even if I am pretty sure 99% you may not like it. I will consign this to fate. Take this situation as part of trying to show in actual physical form the emotional abstraction I am vent on showing.

I know love. Believes I show love. But may never pass the standards you set on how you should be loved. But I will take comfort of trying. I know that my best move is the jokes I crack and spontaneity that is my character. When you giggle or boisterously laugh because of what I do. I know I have showed you my style of love.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. However, somewhere in the constellations of the stars is a comet (me) burning, swooping in that black sky . My illumination might be temporary. But such is our life. Such is my love. Something you may miss when it’s gone. Something may be unrecognizable when it’s there.

Don’t also forget my crazy adventures that you hated but tried and loved in the end.

I hope I can be like a flying kiss that aided by the soft wind landed in your lips. Again, I am Suddenly but gone Instantly. But something you will miss. Something you will say in the same breath as the word LOVE.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Present

Are you stressed and sad because you are thinking about the failures you committed in the past? Are you afraid and fearful as in your whole body shaking, and droplets of cold sweat roll down your body when you think about the unknown future that you have.

Then if these are happening to you, why think about the past and the future where you have no control and helpless.

Why not think and do something about the Present, the moment you are in right Now! This is the only place and time you can do something and create something. The past is gone. As for the future, nobody can predict what it has in store for you.

The Present gives you power therefore use that power and you will see that you will be happy.

I am reminded about the movie Kung Fu Panda, Master Shi Fu said to Panda, “ The Past is History, The Future is a Mystery, Today is a gift that is why it is called the Present.”

Think and do something about the Present and see yourself fly high – happier!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


She never graduated for higher education but is more educated than some of those people. She never took any management courses but her management abilities are superb. She never took economics but her financial and business acumen is at par with successful businessmen.

She always prepares a sumptuous food whenever her sons or daughters paid her a visit. Her smile and infectious laugh is like a sprinkle of rain that drenches you in one cool afternoon.

Sometimes her Visayan accent transports you to her childhood where the idyllic farm and nipa hut is a panorama that expands and throbs like gold in the heat of the sun.

Even when she unconsciously sings around her family, as she does household chores, instantly the room is transformed to a sepia picture, and you find your whole being massaged by a jazzy siren. It is this moments that you close your eyes and stretch your hands to feel the cool wind that caresses your skin. It is this encounters that convince you that simple moments are treasures that are to be cherished.

Once there was a boy who was so blessed in having to witness how she showered these simple moments. The boy drunk all these moments like a cold Coke, bottoms-up, he drunk it all, like a thirsty traveller after journeying for days in the desert has seen an oasis.

But the boy knew that sometimes she is like a volcano. She can spew fire and burn you. There was one recurring scene where she will always break a stem of the gumamela plant in front of her house, run after the boy and other siblings every one ‘o clock in the afternoon outside the house, drove them inside the house, give them some lashing, and put them to sleep.

Although the boy knows that the lashing is about them being undisciplined and failing to sleep during siesta in the afternoon. He still gets the shiver seeing her eyes like rolling lava ready to melt him.

Time flies so fast.

Even if the boy wanted to stop the ticking of the clock he cannot do anything because the clock is like a ship that once the anchor is removed and placed inside the ship, it sails in the vast ocean.

He now reflects on the vast ocean with its undulating waves of memories. He now tries to run back the hands of time and be the boy he once knew – thin, army cut hair that makes him look like having a spoon that hangs in his forehead, two protruding front teeth earning him the monicker Tasyo. He tries to bring back the boy who runs; like there was no tomorrow, after seeing his mother from afar and embrace her tightly because he was so afraid she will be taken by ugly monsters, and be gone forever.

She showed that boy who is now a grown-up how love breathes and throbs. For that, the boy will honour her forever.

Happy Birthday Mama!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Give up Giving Up!

What is the worst thing that can happen if you give-up giving up? Maybe a failure which only means that you will experience delay in reaching the goal that you wanted to achieve.

So if this is the case (and the truth) why be afraid of giving up GIVING UP?

A lot of goals are achieved because those people that achieved it never give-up. Yes you will be scarred. 
Absolutely, you will experience pain. Admittedly, you may have wounds that after healing may always remind you of the battles that you have fought.

However, since you never gave-up you are like a decorated soldier - a hero that came-up victorious against insurmountable foes.

So now it is time to give-up Giving-up!

Friday, January 18, 2013


The weather is so fine you wanted to remain in bed. This is understandable. But the world moves on in a pace no one can keep up. So if the weather or any things for that matter is keeping you for doing the things you must be doing then there is one solution for that – take action!

Inaction is solved by action. No matter how inertia is making it hard for you to act. Always remember inaction is solved by action.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Power and Position

I don’t know maybe they matter but maybe not.

On the deeper scheme of things power and position becomes irrelevant if you have personal influence. The Personal Influence that is borne out of your track record in producing results and showing care for others.

If you ask me if I would rather have power and position versus personal influence, I would happily and unanimously choose personal influence.

Power and position are useless if people do not believe you. It is like being a leader that prepared a keynote speech for a large gathering of his organization only to find nobody is attending.

But my thinking and belief runs counter to reality. A lot of people choose power and position. They forget you cannot give what you have which means not matter how high your position is or powerful you are if nobody believes you the two P’s are just decorations and nothing more.

Monday, January 14, 2013

How Much Focus?

Seriously, how much focus do we need to achieve the results we set? If focus cannot be measured or calibrated then it becomes a vague word.

But I got a proposition for this kind of dilemma. I say we focus as much as we can and never stopping in our action until we achieved the results that we wanted to achieve.

A lot of people claim they are focused but failed to deliver results. Only those that appreciate that focus means shedding sweat, tears and blood to achieve what was conceived by our powerful minds can accomplished what they set to accomplish.

Yes, we focus as much as we can. We never stop until we get the prize even if it means the prize is a small needle in a very wide haystack.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

If it’s going to be, it’s up to me

This is the reality. We cannot turn our backs to this truth. We were given power to create on our own. If we realize and accept this the world is a better place of creators.

Great thing about this if ever it happens, we will never see again victims of life scattered like litters in the streets.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Greatest Tragedy

I just have to say this. It has been bugging me around for three days. If I let this one fly in this page maybe it will take shape, maybe not. But at least I tried to do something about it.

The question what is the greatest tragedy of life? This question is bugging me.

Is it what in the movie Moulin Rouge where Ewan McGregor said,” the greatest tragedy of life is to know love but never love at all”. This statement is deep and gives a lot of explosive meanings. But you know what for me that is not the greatest tragedy of life.

The greatest tragedy of life is for us to never act on creating something.

We have the power individually to create something but most of us are contented to just be on the shadows of others. Most of us are comfortable creating the dream of others.

Love can also mean Action. We know Action but never use it for our own purpose.

Inaction is the greatest tragedy of life.

It is a sad state that makes life not worth living. A vacuum of hollowness nobody wants to be inside but most unconsciously enters.

Indeed, a tragic ending for the living.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rock Your 2013

Rock your 2013!

Get out of your comfort zone.Life is too short - very short not to do something different. Yes, taking risks is nerve wrecking. Doing something different can give you a heart attack. It is like going inside a cave - dark, so dark, you can feel your goosebumps grow bigger than you.

However, those who dare get outside of the cave by completing it. Those who reach the end of the tunnel - it is freedom.

The only freedom that you can ever cherish is a freedom you fought to have and own.

Rock your 2013 and it starts now!