Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Honesty is not for cheap people

Honesty is not for cheap people. This is what Warren Buffet said in one of his speeches. I agree. I have experienced how to be back stabbed by people. But then again, keeping Buffet's words of wisdom the pain that you will feel for those that you trusted but didn't take care of it, will simply be gone.

Bottom line, be at peace because you trusted someone. It is never your fault if they threw that trust away.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pain is temporary

Life is a challenge.

It is like climbing Mt. Pulag - one of the highest peaks in the Philippines,  the trail is winding, there are ups and downs while you are trying to reach the peak. There are even instances that you will doubt yourself if you can reach the top. The cold winds are not helping to boost your confidence during this moment of doubt.

However, the doubts are just temporary. Upon reaching and resting at Camp 1, your spirit will be buoyed. Alas, Camp 2 is there, and it is time to rest. Your bones, maybe tired, but your heart and mind is so excited looking forward in reaching the top when daybreak comes.

When daybreak comes, and you reached the top, the sea of clouds will welcome you.

The ultimate reward for all your doubts and hardships.

Life is a challenge. It should be. Pain is temporary. After experiencing that pain, your sea of clouds awaits you.