Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stop Stopping

When you are down and you feel like your energy is lost - persevere!

Do not stop from moving and fight that vacuum that is trying to imprison you. We are made up of energy. It is up to us if we want to convert it to negative or positive.

I am one of those individuals that sometimes feel that life is sucking that air out of me. However, I realized that it is not life but me that is conceiving the absence of air. My mental weakness is responsible for the way I perceive life.

I still feel this type of feelings. However, because I know that I am responsible from my self-inflicted tragedy, I can easily recover and start doing positive actions.

Yes we must stop stopping and must always keep on walking no matter what life throws in front of us.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Professionalism 2

One way to do this in the workplace is to call and inform your company when you cannot make it in going to the office. Do not make it an excuse not to communicate when you don't feel communicating.

Professionalism is not hard. It is just a way of life that we must practice. and integrate in our system.

Also, if you failed to call and you are reprimanded for such negligence. The best thing to do is say sorry. Professionalism includes humbleness - the willingness to admit mistakes and correct it after admission.

Again, this is not hard we just need to integrate and remind ourselves that if we do this we are practicing professionalism.

Win the Battle in Your Mind

All situations are won first in the mind.

If you think defeat, then you are bound to be defeated. This is the reason why you should always embrace the positive side of life. 

This is difficult to understand and do specially if defeat and failures are so big to bear.

But nobody says that things are easy.

We just know that the more we control our minds and fill it with positivity the better is our winning chances.

In fact, we have already won when we do this.

So always win the battles in your mind.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Keep on Walking

I love the Johnny Walker slogan "Keep on Walking". For me this gives me visions of tenacity and persistence.

Life is never going to be a bed of roses all the time. And accepting it is one of the best move anyone can ever make. After that, Keep on Walking.

If life punches you in the face, keep on walking. If storms come your way, keep on walking.

Life is about us deciding to keep on walking against and around adversity.

Only those that keeps this principle into heart will enjoy the fruits of conquering whatever challenges life throws at us.

So what are you waiting for, KEEP ON WALKING!