My Bank of Commerce Bad Experience

6:45 PM

Yesterday was something.

I went to Bank of Commerce Branch in San Miguel Avenue to pay my car loan. I inquired how to pay for this is my first time to pay my car loan. Normally, it is my wife that pays the bills.

I was referred to a supervisor, the supervisor called the assigned person. I thought that this will be fast.

Almost an hour or exactly 55 minutes, the Supervisor called again the person assigned, the person instructed the Supervisor to send me to 7th floor.

I went to the 7th floor to meet the person, but the person made me wait again for 5 minutes. When she came, her name is Nina Agno, she told me that my wife has an existing loan and my payment will be diverted to the personal loan of my wife.

I just say if there is a contract that stipulates that I am ok. And requested for a document. She went inside her office, I assumed she would get the documents, she made me wait for 10 minutes (I use my I Phone to time my waiting moment), when she came back, she introduced me to her Senior Supervisor Mr. Noah Rodriguez.

Her supervisor and I again made the same discussion. The difference the Supervisor sounds arrogant. But again, we settled that if there is a document that states they can divert my payment to my wife's loan I will abide, they just have to furnish me a copy.

Both Nina and Noah can't that day so I gave my email.

Here is the thing that blew my top and pissed me, since it is settled, I told Nina if I can pay now. She said yes, but I have to go down to the bank again.

So Nina Agno, called me upstairs at her office on the 7th floor, discussed about a policy they cannot furnish a copy, when if fact, they are in the main office of the Bank of Commerce, and wanted me to go down again, to pay my car loan.

I and anybody for that matter will be pissed. It is very disrespectful and agonizing to a customer to be placed in this kind of situation.

To cut the long story short, I did not pay my loan yesterday. And I will never go to that branch again. But of course, I and my wife will pay the loans that we have.

Do business again with Bank of Commerce, I say no more. I love my sales agent with Diamond Motors, and my loan is for my second car. If I will get a car again in the near future and the dealer will partner with Bank of Commerce, I will just have to go to other dealers not connected with this Bank.

Also, I will tell my friends every time I have an opportunity, that they should never take a loan or deposit to the Bank of Commerce. And to the Bank of Commerce, if the management or customer service department  is reading this, I hope you fire the two inept employees that you have.

Bank of Commerce does not need tough competition if  they have employees like these two.

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