Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Superficial Take on Success

Superficial Success|Success

A recent article in Time magazine revealed that good-looking people will earn more over their lifetime compared to those who are aesthetically challenged.  University of Texas Economist Daniel Hamermesh reported in his book “Beauty Pays:  Why Attractive People Are More Successful” that “ugly people earn less than average looking people, and average-looking people earn less than the beautiful.”   

I learned this from reading Alvin Tabanag’s blog discussing about this research. First, I find this quite amusing but when I look around I saw a tinge of truth in the findings of the study. However, it cannot be denied that there are a lot of average looking and plain looking male and female enjoying quite an immeasurable success in our society.

No I am not defending the average and the plain looking to go that way will make my point impish, What I am after is that who conducted and funded the study. Oftentimes, a lot of studies are not about finding new realities but, some of them, about re-creating realities.

This is what I am afraid of. Companies that have overflowing cash using their resources to serve their interest and propagate a lie.

Imagine if the study is funded by a company engaged in health and beauty products, and for those that think superficially they can be easily swayed to think that only those with great looks deserve success in life.

There now lies a vicious cycle.

My take on this study published by TIME Magazine? Yes there are a lot of people that gets away because of their good looks. But it is not a determining factor whether we will be successful or not.
Humans are meant to survive and adapt. Human Spirit is meant to triumph. The study negates this by selecting a group based on superficial attributes.

I still go with Charles Darwin’s research findings even though it was a finding that was discovered a long, long time ago that is "In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment."

This is the strongest argument of who succeeds in life and who does not. After saying this piece I guess what is left from the pages that the particular study occupied in Time Magazine is in my arse because the tissue in my toilet has run out. A best replacement methinks as I end this piece and prepares to rush to my holy throne.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Winning the Challenge

Winning the Challenge

There is this special situation that I am in. A situation that is full of lessons albeit I am still undergoing it. Actually, it is not a personal situation if you will try to categorize it. Yet I am so involved with it. My emotion and intellect is so into it.

The situation?

There is this project that we are trying to launch and roll in a very niche industry. As we are doing this, an established group in this industry is trying everything to derail and make life difficult for this project. In short, they are throwing sink and kitchen just to see that the project do not see the light .

Yet despite of the many obstacles that this project is facing, particularly, the pressure put by this group there is a sense of energy flowing into us. A positive energy that I feel will see us through and prove to the naysayers that the project will add value to the industry that it is targeted to serve.

Now the question is how do we go on without being negative or affected by this group. There are simple guideposts that we follow:

1.    We Believe on the Higher Purpose of the Project

The project was created in forwarding the industry’s growth. This is sufficient enough for us to keep on pushing forward.

2.    We Believe on  the Added Value of the Project

      The new call of the times is to add value and the project was created using this as the heart of its creation. Despite the negative perceptions hurled against us and to the project, we are very passionate in seeing the project be with its intended users.

Most importantly,

3.    We Never Back Down Against Challenges

We are warriors and we have the heart that never gives up. The more there are people hurling negative energy and obstacles to the project the more we believe we have to show them that this project will be successful.

A challenge is an adrenaline that keeps us energized. We use it to fuel our passion. Having said this, success is never far from us. In fact, I can smell the taste of victory it is right at the tip of my tongue as I write this.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Typhoon Mina

Typhoon Mina|Digital Outlier

It is the first time that I heard in the news of a signal 4 being announced to hit parts of our country. I saw the devastation and the death toll despite the announcements and warnings given by the media and local officials. It seems that despite the technological progress mankind has made we still fall short of what needs to be done to safeguard life.

A case in point is Japan, with all the technological gadgets to warn them of impending tsunami, still a tragedy took place that nobody can stop or prevent.

Of course, we do not need to look farther. Now what is the point of this discourse, I guess I just would like to make an appeal that we try harder as a country of people. Nature’s wrath will always be there but we can manage most of it. Typhoons are a regular thing in our country. We know the implications of one hitting us again, if that is so let us:

1.       Take PROACTIVE Actions;
2.       Pour resources to what matter most;
3.       And for good measure, implement the best practices that we have recorded for many years of experiencing this phenomenon.

It seems a very simplistic proposal but the heart of the matter to make these things happen we have to have leadership and skills in execution.