Typhoon Mina

8:04 AM

Typhoon Mina|Digital Outlier

It is the first time that I heard in the news of a signal 4 being announced to hit parts of our country. I saw the devastation and the death toll despite the announcements and warnings given by the media and local officials. It seems that despite the technological progress mankind has made we still fall short of what needs to be done to safeguard life.

A case in point is Japan, with all the technological gadgets to warn them of impending tsunami, still a tragedy took place that nobody can stop or prevent.

Of course, we do not need to look farther. Now what is the point of this discourse, I guess I just would like to make an appeal that we try harder as a country of people. Nature’s wrath will always be there but we can manage most of it. Typhoons are a regular thing in our country. We know the implications of one hitting us again, if that is so let us:

1.       Take PROACTIVE Actions;
2.       Pour resources to what matter most;
3.       And for good measure, implement the best practices that we have recorded for many years of experiencing this phenomenon.

It seems a very simplistic proposal but the heart of the matter to make these things happen we have to have leadership and skills in execution.

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