Filipino spends 2.8 Hours Daily in Social Networking Sites

1:38 AM

This is the average hours spent by Filipino Internet users in social networking sites. It is said that this is more than the average 2.5 hours spent in reading and sending emails.

In the study TNS Philippines conducted it also revealed that Filipinos spent an average of 9 hours a week on online.

There seems to be no stopping the increase patronage of Filipinos on the internet and social media sites. This change is now commonplace that I believe there are already habits and patterns that we use to do in the past that are no longer existing.

I am now quite interested to know what are those positive habits and patterns that we have lost.

In one of the events I attended, Prof. Jay Bernardo of Ateneo mentioned that Facebook, in their study, is mainly used as a means for peeping toms.  What I mean by here is that users browse other profiles latest posted pictures - interesting right?

Also, on the question of focus and productivity. I am curious if we have increased our focus because of the technology boom. Also, has our productivity improved because of these changes.

I have a lot of questions than answers on the changes that has befell on us. I just hope that the open sharing of information among us will make our values stronger and better than the opposite.

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