Saturday, August 22, 2015


Sometimes life puts a challenge to a friend that you value. Sometimes the challenge will put your relationship with that friend to the brink of destruction. If that happens and the choice is between money, another unimportant person, choose your friend.

Tell him or her that the years of friendship are more valuable than material things. This is easier said than done but it must be done.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


You thought that as you grow older this precious thing will just come to you. But it's not. People's maturity is not directly proportional to their age - a sad reality.

So how can you achieve maturity, there are possible ways: read books, education, feedbacks from others and self-introspection.

The more you study about life and have the self-awareness of your actions and stories of people, this maturity will grow.

Although I advise this, it is not a guarantee, again maturity is dependent on the individual who is facing and journeying life alone.