The Greatest Tragedy

10:01 PM

I just have to say this. It has been bugging me around for three days. If I let this one fly in this page maybe it will take shape, maybe not. But at least I tried to do something about it.

The question what is the greatest tragedy of life? This question is bugging me.

Is it what in the movie Moulin Rouge where Ewan McGregor said,” the greatest tragedy of life is to know love but never love at all”. This statement is deep and gives a lot of explosive meanings. But you know what for me that is not the greatest tragedy of life.

The greatest tragedy of life is for us to never act on creating something.

We have the power individually to create something but most of us are contented to just be on the shadows of others. Most of us are comfortable creating the dream of others.

Love can also mean Action. We know Action but never use it for our own purpose.

Inaction is the greatest tragedy of life.

It is a sad state that makes life not worth living. A vacuum of hollowness nobody wants to be inside but most unconsciously enters.

Indeed, a tragic ending for the living.

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