Love as I Know it

8:18 PM

I know love. But it seems I do not know love. She is like a woman that I may not be able to figure out. It seems that what once was a puzzle that I tried solving becomes a labyrinth that gets bigger and
complicated. The more I tried to find the way out the more I am lost inside.

I know love. I tried to love you. But may always fall short of the love you are expecting.

Still, I will continue to make sure that your coffee is served during the morning, whether I am the one who makes it or I ordered others to make it. I will make sure that I always buy your favourite perfume Elizabeth Arden, during Christmas. Although, last December you told me not to buy every year since that last one you are using is half full. The possibility of overstocking of such an expensive perfume might happen.

I will always take into account to monitor your Body Shop Strawberry moisturizer – every day I see you are enjoying it. I too enjoy it, your smell transport me to Baguio, like I was driving under the shades of the pine trees, enjoying the view of the verdant mountains and the glistening cliff. While the cool breeze of the wind gently embrace me. It is too hard to concentrate while you are holding the steering wheel in this psychedelic atmosphere. But I manage to drive may way on top of Baguio.   

I will always attempt to buy you jewelleries and shirts, even if I am pretty sure 99% you may not like it. I will consign this to fate. Take this situation as part of trying to show in actual physical form the emotional abstraction I am vent on showing.

I know love. Believes I show love. But may never pass the standards you set on how you should be loved. But I will take comfort of trying. I know that my best move is the jokes I crack and spontaneity that is my character. When you giggle or boisterously laugh because of what I do. I know I have showed you my style of love.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. However, somewhere in the constellations of the stars is a comet (me) burning, swooping in that black sky . My illumination might be temporary. But such is our life. Such is my love. Something you may miss when it’s gone. Something may be unrecognizable when it’s there.

Don’t also forget my crazy adventures that you hated but tried and loved in the end.

I hope I can be like a flying kiss that aided by the soft wind landed in your lips. Again, I am Suddenly but gone Instantly. But something you will miss. Something you will say in the same breath as the word LOVE.

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