Tourism Secretary's Chickenjoy Theory

11:10 PM

Our new Secretary of Tourism Ramon Jimenez. knows how to communicate and communicate well. Earlier, he said that selling the country is as easy as selling Chickenjoy. Besides being a good sound byte he hit it right on the head of the nail. Indeed, the Philippines is easy to sell because it is beautiful. And I believe no Filipino will argue against it, not that we are Filipinos but it is an obvious truth.

I watch his interview with Jessica Soho in the program State of the Nation and read the transcript the GMA NEWS TV online and there are a lot of interesting remarks our Secretary of Tourism made. So here it is and be inspired.

 “Ang magandang slogan ay buod ng isang napakalaking istorya

I agree and the challenge is to get to the core of the story to serve as our battle cry that will unify us all.

“We have to develop an appetite for competition”

Calling business men and government PPP project creators we need you to create more so we can compete in terms of infrastructures and transportation facilities.

“Because money is only one vehicle for making a campaign work. In fact, it is the least important when you get right down to it. Ang pinakamagagandang kampanya sa buong mundo, hindi naman pera ang nagdala eh. Nasa isipan lang talaga yan eh. If you have less money, you think harder”.

A creative guy knows no boundary and our Secretary of Tourism is one heck of a man that can pull the job with this kind of statement.

Pag kayo hindi na nag-uusap, lalaki ang problema. Ang lahat ng tao, especially mga Pilipino, kailangan lapitan mo, kailangan kausapin mo. Kailangan makita nila na ang pagkakataon na nasa labas ng bintana ay mas malaki kesa doon sa pinag-aawayan natin dito sa loob ng bahay”.

I guess the tourism congress conflict has a big chance to be solved because of this stance. However, the Secretary must also be cautious that some are in the congress just to grab power and use it to further their self interest.

“Tourism is the people’s business. Ang turismo ay negosyo ng taong bayan. My job will be to make that happen”.

This is the heart of matter and tourism will grow if the government will be serious in living with this dictum. Again, tourism is not a backyard industry. In fact, in a globalized economy it plays a major role in a country’s development. Case in point is Singapore, without tourism its many hotels and conventions center will fold-up and many people will lose their job.

Ang turismo po ay confidence, kumpetisyon yan eh. ‘Pag halatang duda ka sa sarili mong kagandahan, lalabas yan”.
Indeed, we have to believe first in our country before other countries believe in us. Only by having this mindset can we compete.
Right now, I am all praises with our Secretary and I hope that this feeling remains the same until he finish his term.
So now, let us buckle down and make the vision a reality.

*Source: Interview of Jessica Soho State of the Nation and transcripts of interview on GMA NEWS TV online

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