I Believe in SMART Gilas and Philippine Basketball

10:35 AM

SMART Gilas | Philippine Basketball

We wallop today the United Arab Emirates despite losing two important players due to technicalities. For sure, we will be at the thick of things in this FIBA ASIA qualifying match for London Olympics. For sure, many Filipino Basketball aficionados will be praying (including me) that the door of heaven opens and we catch the blessings so that our team clinched a slot for the Olympics.

However, history is not on our side. The possibilities of heart break are bigger than the possibilities of hubris. I cannot event remember the number of times my heart was broken because of the unmet expectations and what could have been scenarios that did not materialized.

As this FIBA Asia unfolds and the initial results are positive there is a sense of good things to come feelings that envelop me. Regardless of the percentage my positive mind is dominant and will not look on the past as benchmarks for the outcome that we will have in this contest.

The skeptics and those that have given-up will probably sneer at me and the many who are hoping for the impossible. The old cliché “Basketball is for the Giants” will again be thrown at those who believe. But we have adjusted and addressed this concern. Yes, we resorted in naturalizing a foreigner in order for us to compete at the 5 and 4 position, this do not make us a lesser man and team.  Majority of the team are Filipinos and the team carries our flag. They represent us and it is only right that they get our full support.

Basketball is our country’s passion and it still is. Despite the emergence of football, basketball will never leave the hearts of the majority of our countrymen.

The bounce of the ball is music, the cross-over and other acrobatic shots are like a ballet dance number, the swish of the net because of a ringless shot is like a cold water poured in someone’s head, and the dunks and buzzer beaters are like a lotto number drawn where everybody shouts and jumps because they were declared as winners.

I believe in the SMART GILAS and I believe in the Philippine Basketball. Heck I don’t even care if we end up not entering the London Olympics. I just want to see the team fight for every ball possessions and represent the flag with pride and honor.

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