Famous versus Respected

6:58 PM

No matter how many expensive cars you have.  No matter how fat your wallet is. When the world is angry with you and shake their head in disgust, then you have a very big problem.

Even if the world is so materialistic and glorifies the famous there is still this thin boundary that must never be crossed. Floyd Mayweather Jr. just crossed that thin line of trying to show the world values that do not deserve to be emulated. In fact, not only it is not to be copied but it has to be extinguished and punished the one that flaunts it.

For someone who has been blessed a lot by boxing, he is a disappointment. A sport is an arena where you need to show leadership with values. This important value was thrown into the cesspool by Mayweather Jr.

Yes he is famous but respected definitely not!

There is a very large gap between being famous and being respected. This gap Mayweather Jr. cannot bridge. As I saw him leave the ring in his last fight with Victor Ortiz I saw in his eyes a soul tormented for having lost the most precious thing a person can have – RESPECT.

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