Philippine Courses You Should Not Enroll

4:09 AM

Philippine Courses You Should Not Enroll | Philippine Students Must Not Enroll in this Courses

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) issued a reminder to students not to enroll on the following courses as this will give them a very small chance of landing a job.

The following courses are:

  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Business Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management

There are 37,000 plus graduating nursing students this year according to the Department of Labor and Employment. Not to enroll in this course I will bite into.

However, education, information technology and business administration and hotel and restaurant management, I think is very debatable for discouraging students not to enroll in these courses.

First, our education needs a lot of teachers as there are in depth reports that there are overworked and over tasked teachers assigned in our educational system - caused by lack of teachers!

Second, we are into the knowledge economy our information technology graduates can usher a new boom in terms maximizing the internet world to serve our economy. There are a lot of jobs in the net that is still untapped. I know an international company who is in big need of SEO specialists but can't or is hard pressed in finding one. This is just a starter.

Third, business administration and hotel and restaurant management, with the positive outlook of our tourism and boom in entrepreneurship, we will need these graduate to fill the need of business and organizations to perform supervisory tasks.

Market driven approach is the measurement used by TUCP in arriving on the conclusion to dissuade the graduating students to enroll on these four courses I am urging to be given a second look.

My basis is that in an economy where knowledge is the trend information technology experts will play a bigger part. And in a country that needs a fresh injection of talents in our educational system, teachers are very much needed. Lastly, strategically, if we are considering our tourism as a sunshine industry, then HRM and Business Management graduates will play the part to fill-up need in hotels, restaurants, new business establishments that will be opened by investors in our country.

Yes, No to increase nursing enrollment and yes,  a big no to increase call center agents – not that I do not approve of this industry but I feel we need to create more high value industry not just become an outsourcing hub because of our cheap labor. 

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