Tourism Philippines Growth – A Herculean Task

8:05 AM

An online whistleblower in Wikileaks revealed the following reasons why our Tourism Industry is hobbling to keep up with our Asian neighbors. They are:

Incompetent officials

The changes in the leadership right now in the department and the upcoming tourism congress hopefully address this concern.
It is not competence but the political will that is lacking in order to leapfrog our tourism industry.

Unfavorable financing options

Right now the fewer ships that are plying our seas are caused by excessive leasing fees National Maritime Leasing Corporation as perceived by local operators. Studies are needed in order to find solutions in lowering the rental fees.

Protectionist policies

The open skies policy and elimination of unnecessary tax in the airport will eradicate this perception of protectionism.

The former Secretary Alberto Lim pocket open sky policy started the easing of protectionism. The ball is now at the hands of the present Secretary to complete the task.

Others: Infrastructure and Transportation link

There must be strong tourism cluster that focus on improved infrastructure and transportation links will attract additional tourists in the country. It will also give convenience that the tourists are looking for to give a go in visiting our country.

If we can duplicate Hongkong and other countries that have MRTs from Airport to Cities our tourism industry is in a good position.

Modern Airports

Funds that will build Clark as the future international airport of the country are underway. But the speed of realizing it must be upped.

Time is of the essence because the present administration’s transparent policies will help in promoting a speedy process to achieve this goal.

The Challenge is big but…

In one International Event which I will be attending to promote our business and the country, majority of the buyers are not choosing the Philippines as their future destination for the next two years but still I am attending the event to promote the country and snatch some accounts to favor and benefit our country.

The main reason is that we have no choice but to continue and take the challenge head-on, continue to believe that the future will be better if we take positive actions today.

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