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A rubber band stretched to its full elasticity will snap. A dam forced to its pressure capacity will break. Cold water heated to the brink will boil. On the other hand, hot water place in a cold storage will freeze. These are samples of threshold. A universal law all of us are governed.

Sadly, we forget about this rule of threshold.

Most live our lives helplessly. Most do not swim against the tide. Actually, we do not need to swim against the tide and exert too much effort to win against the tide. We can use a boat, a motor boat at that to go against the tide. If only we knew that we must be out of the box so that we can carry the box!

We forget about the Rule of Threshold – the rule that says everything has a limit. If we keep this into heart then all problems are NOTHING.


Simple, there will be no person that will fall on the side of the road. There will be no person that will turn its back on the problem no matter how GARGANTUAN the problem is. Heck, there may even no words like Quit, Give-up, Surrender and other related words in the dictionary.

Still don’t get it?

If we know threshold, we will be obligated to keep on pushing forward and against challenges, having a peace of mind that these challenges cannot break us because it has limits. It has threshold!

Humans are the most powerful creature in the universe. I am always reminded of the Vitruvian Male – the symbol in the Renaissance Era, this is how powerful man is. The single creature that can hold dominion over the world (I just hope responsibly and with respect to other creatures of Earth).

Alas, majority do not realize their true nature. I see them in the streets, in the dark alleys of our decadent cities. I see them in clubs and other nightspots. I event see them in great families. I see them bedraggled, their spirit sagging evident by their lonely eyes and dropping shoulders. Sometimes, they even tried to hide that lost spirit but their smiles betray them.

Such is the disease of people that feel they are helpless against the problems and challenges that beset them.

Robert Schuller said, “Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do!”

This is proof that THRESHOLD is true. This is proof that IMPOSSIBLE is nothing. This is proof that YOU are destined to CLAIM YOUR DESTINY.

Just take UNRELENTING ACTION until YOUR CHALLENGES explode to bits and pieces because it had reached its THRESHOLD.

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