The Challenge is to Care

11:00 PM

If you don't who will.

Yes, a lot of people operate with an the intention of taking care of themselves.
But what will happen if all of us will act out of our personal interest.

Take for example, of creating a product. If we create a product that we are in love and we only want out of it is profit, what will happen to the consumers?

In the first place, will the consumers patronize our products?

So care even if it is not demanded, even if you are the only one caring.

The more you care the more people take notice, and eventually, a magical thing happens, they
start to care for what you are doing.

And going back to creating a product, if they feel that your product cares for them, they will start to bring you profits that even if you do not ask for it, they will insist.

So care because that is the needle in the haystack that will be your gateway to success.

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