Cook Some More

10:15 AM

There is more to cooking.

I realized it yesterday when I joined my buddy Ryan in his cooking. For starter, we woke up in the morning and went to the market to get the ingredients he needed. In the cooking time, I helped him, but more as an observer than a helper (I believe).

Along the process, we exchange stories, laughters, and cooking secrets and techniques.

I got to know him better. I learned a lot from his stories and techniques. Most of all, by hindsight, I enjoyed the process and the meal with Ryan and his wife Julie.

I ended up appreciating my buddy Ryan and his wife Julie more. I ended up being thankful that I have people like them in my circle of friends.

There is more to cooking, there are great moments that you can receive, and there are lessons of the victory of the human spirits that you can capture in the cooking process.

The magic of cooking is like the magic of life, there are a lot of diverse and different ingredients that you have to figure out and carefully merge to create a masterpiece. When you have finished creating that masterpiece, you cannot and must not keep it for yourself, but to excitedly share it with others, for in sharing that work of art, can you only feel the sweet taste of success. A mouth watering triumph that lingers permanently in the hearts of the people that you shared.

The exclamation point of the cooking process is the steaming hot, vibrant color, and to die for delicious meal waiting to be enjoyed and gobbled by your friends and loved ones.

A lovely picture that will forever resonate in your heart.

 For this Zen like experience, I thank Ryan and Julie, cheers to you guys.

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