Do Good is the Starting Point of Business

3:37 AM

Aisa Mijeno immersed herself in Kalinga and saw the need for a sustainable and accessible electricity in a place where people need to walk for six hours to buy kerosene to power their lamps.

Seeing the need, Aisa Mijeno created a lamp that is powered by mixing salt and water - a saline solution.

As of the moment, her invention is winning her awards and adulation which she did not intend to have, all she wants is to do good.

Doing good is the starting point of a business. It is not profit. Profit only follows when people feel that you intend to make their lives better.

If you make the lives of the society better, you will get their support, you will get a generous support.

So do good, create something good and feel the blessings of what you have created.

You have Aisa Mijeno as a model, now it is your turn.

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