Move on, Move Forward

2:51 AM

It is hard to read minds of people. Even if you can and the probability is high that your inference is true to what the person in front of you is thinking you still do not assume. You still give the benefit of the doubt that what you are predicting is inaccurate.

This state is what entrepreneurs and managers encounter daily with staff they work with.

For the sake of discussion, we assume, we are the manager or the owner and despite promoting people’s welfare, they still leave us and move on to another company, it leaves us confused and in the dark.

Definitely, there is an effect to our being and to the organization. It can be demoralizing or delay in task accomplishment. This is the case when the people that left are productive.

Two lessons will resonate here:

1.     There must be something wrong or lacking in the organization?
2.     People just move on looking for greener pasture.

Whether one or two of these lessons are true in a particular case, the cycle continues to improve and learn from what happened.

The emotional investment we make for every person we work with is great, but for the better good of the organization and the vision we have, we must make the wheel revolve and find better solutions.

There is no ready answer, but with the attitude to improve and learn we will find answers every time this situation happens.

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