I don't have any love

5:31 AM

So a staff of mine said she does not have more love left for the company that is why she is leaving.
Although the real reason is not this one, but this statement is very interesting.

Love for work is an emotion and a responsibility. If you have an emotion, it is not enough. You have to have the deepest sense of responsibility to perform the work and know why the work is important.

How does your work add value to the bigger process of the organization?

Oftentimes, staff equates their love to the money present on the table for them if they do a certain work, forgetting the responsibility that is required before they get the value and money they deserve.

Where is the love (money)? It is there when you become responsible and serious to prove yourself that you can accomplish greater things. If you do and can, the money will be there because superiors and managers will do all the things that are possible just to satisfy you and tie you to the company that you are working in.

As for the staff that said this to me, I let her go.

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