Media Should Show Balance Presentation of APEC

6:38 AM

Yes, there are traffic and rallies being staged, an effect of APEC - an event hosted by our country.

Traffic is not an excuse, people must not suffer because of the event, but traffic is part of our daily life in Metro Manila, we have been suffering from this problem even before APEC, only now it was heightened.

Rallies are symbols of democracy, so yes, we can tolerate that.

But what we cannot tolerate is the total disregard of the good things APEC is bringing to us. Hosting it means we can show our capabilities as a country, and we are very capable as evidence of how the event is turning into.

Add to the fact the following, the infrastructures and beautifications made in welcoming the guests, which after the event we will continue to use.

How about the positive tourism effect of the visitors that will be coming in, the last estimate is around 9,000 foreign delegates.

More so, the conferences organized to share knowledge and information. These are huge in terms of giving the Filipino attendees a deeper understanding of the Global Politics, Business and Success Stories of Entrepreneurship.

Lastly, the economic impact of the business and trade deals forged during the event.

APEC as an apple has two sides the good and the bad, can we present both sides.

From where I stand, all I hear are the rants from our traffic experiences and protest rallies.

So here is the challenge for all the media outlets covering the event,  strive to show the two sides of APEC, the yin and yang.

For all you know, the good sides farther outweighs the short moments of discomfort we have because of APEC.

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